Johnny Molson


Started talking on the radio doing character voices on a Detroit while in high school. After hosting an evening show there for a few years, went off to Dallas, New Hampshire, and Chicago writing and hosting shows. Trained at The Second City in Chicago, I’ll often flip between talking from behind the microphone to performing on stage. I began working with Mid-West Family Broadcasting in 1996 as the company’s
first Creative Services Director, and have been on Alice from its beginning in 2007.

Check me out every weekday morning from 6-9 AM for Alice’s Coffee House



Science and Sound

Sound looks crazy, and hypnotically cool Musician Nigel Stanford has filmed a phenomenon he calls “Cymatics.”  It’s the science of visualizing sound frequencies.  Everything you see in the video is actually happening.

Adopt me: Gus

Gus, the dog.  A 3 month old puppy from the APL Gus appears to be a mix of many breeds.  Regardless of his history, he is a sweet little 3 month old puppy.  Part of a litter

Holy Grail of Video Games

Programmer puts 900 classic arcade games online to play free The Internet Archive and programmer Jason Scott have put up 900 classic video games that you can play right now in your browser.  This collection is the